Ramjee Ruckmani Charitable Trust
With the family of Ramjee Leathers & Supplies increasing, the company has formed their own trust for the welfare of its own staffs. The Trust has been educating and empowering children of the employees of RLS. Its mission is not only to sponsor children’s education but also support them till they are gainfully employed. RLS is a growing organization in every way: with a growing number of 500+ .

This trust primarily aims in the education of the children of the RLS employees. The company assists the needs of all the Children of the employees by providing a sizable part of the school fees thereby taking away the stress of its work-force. The trust also provides assistance for health related problems of its employees.

The company follows the labour policy and the laws of The Indian Government and thereby the employees are provided with :

Employees State Insurance
The Employees’ State Insurance Scheme provides full medical care in the form of medical attendance, treatment, drugs and injections, specialist consultation and hospitalization to insured persons and also to members of their families where the facility for Specialist consultation, hospitalization has been extended to the families.

Employees Providend Fund
Employees Provident Fund (EPF) which is also as per Government Norms. A contribution from the Employer is mandatory and at the time of retirement they will get a lump sum.

Employees' Provident Fund Scheme takes care of following needs of the employees:
  • Retirement
  • Medical Care
  • Housing
  • Family obligation
  • Education of Children
  • Financing of Insurance Polices